Prize payments for Esports tournaments are a pain point. We solve it.

You have tournaments with money prizes but…
don't control the payments flow.
You have a secure site with payment but…
don't convert visitors into registrations.
You have an active community but…
don't get sponsors for tournaments.
You have a base of registered players but…
don't create marketing campaigns.
You have active social profiles but…
don't get it out to all players
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Leverage your potential

Instant Payments

You don't need to wait more than 30 days to receive your payments. From now on, you can receive funds to your account immediately.

Instant Payments

Crowd Sponsorship

Do you have an active community? Your audience can help you to increase the funding of your prize pool by sharing it with friends.

Crowd Sponsorship

Referral Cashback

Does your audience want to have a return? Our platform provides a cashback opportunity for all attendees who bring more registrations.

Referral Cashback

Don't matter your league/tournament format. We have the solution.


Leagues with Daily, Weekly or Monthly tournaments can create a subscriptions for ranked players.
Ex: Season Pass.


Competitions with a duration longer than one week can create prize pool campaigns with longer periods.
Ex: Championships based on ranking.


Leagues with different tournaments can create campaigns and distribute the prize pool among the winners of each event.
Ex: minor/major championships.


Organizers that produce occasional Esports tournaments can start their campaigns for their events now.
Ex: Leagues with special events.

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