No entry fee tournaments

The life of an Esports tournament organizer is not easy. They need to be inventive to develop a revenue stream, in addition, to worry about planning, operations, switching, registration, check-in, platforms, support, evaluations, results, and awards.

But how to do that?

The simplest solution would be to charge registration fees to participate in the tournament; however, many game developers do not allow this type of charge.

Another comprehensive factor is the community's unusual habit of having registration fees. If your audience does not accept this fee, you are unlikely to have a relevant number of participants.

Currently, we see a growth in the amounts invested by sponsors entering the Esports market, whether they are endemic or non-endemic. Still, realistically only a few tournaments can attract brands that help finance the event.

So you think:

I can't have entry fees and don't have sponsors. How do I get some return on the many hours invested in organizing a championship?

As an organizer, you need to understand who your audience is and how the community behaves about the championships.

Player engagement is perhaps the primary indicator of an Esports community, which may solve the problem.

Content creators figured out the power of engaging their audience by offering benefits to become more considered through advantages in front of other regular users.

These influencers create their communities through the subscription model, where the subscriber is part of an exclusive "club," including other offered privileges.

For Esports leagues, this model can also be adapted, through Season Passes (a concept well known to gamers), the community can receive different benefits to stand out from other players, such as:

  • Participate in exclusive tournaments
  • Bonuses, sweepstakes, and prizes
  • Discord server roles
  • Tagging on social media posts
  • Participation in Livestreams
  • And much more…

Nowadays, subscriptions are a business model familiar to all people and indispensable for the future of business. With recurring revenue, planning becomes more efficient and reduces risks.

Season passes are not just about charging gamers but also to highlight the importance of each one within a social group. It's critical to design a model where players feel like belonging to an elite category of people.

In summary, it can be a path to monetize your tournaments more naturally without the need for registration fees. Ensure prizes for your tournaments and, of course, a return on the investment.

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