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Sharing tournaments with your friends on Twitter and other social networks helps you to unlock the sponsorship for the prize pool.
The first step is quite simple, just find the Crowd Sponsorship section in the tournament's page and click on TWEET IT.


Crowd Sponsorship

With just one tweet, you can help the tournament unlock XX for the prize pool.
It's like a team play.


Share a tweet on your TIMELINE

Advance in the sponsorship by authorizing our application on your Twitter account.
After authorization, check the message that will be sent to your timeline, and confirm it.

Social Media

Follow who are more INFLUENT

As soon as the post is confirmed, you will be able to follow the influential ranking with people who helped the prize pool.
The more you share and the more visitors you bring, the higher your score that can lead you to surprise gifts.

You have 350 points.

TOP 5 Ranking

1.875 pts
1.200 pts
1.120 pts
1.025 pts

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