About SkillCore

The market of competitive games has been growing fast in recent years, and the lack of professional structure is critical for those who are starting their journey as an entrepreneur or player.

Currently, the esports business is majorly formed by teams and tournaments. This relationship between them must be reliable for the market growth, eliminating potential risks and maximizing visibility for investors.

Amateur and college leagues take place every week in the world without any professional structure to provide a gateway to receive payment and transfer money prizes to the winners.

In 2018, our team noticed leagues being accused of delayed payments or even fraud by the competitors.

This attracted a lot of attention, as the money prizes were a significant amount and the players depend on this money to continue following their dream to become pro-players.

Competitions are the primary way to become a pro-player and become financially independent working with what they love to do. Players are being frustrated by handling situations of not receiving prizes.

In order to know if this problem is frequent to leagues, we've researched and found a large number of complaints, and to our surprise, not only in the amateur scenario, but professional leagues also experience problems with payments.

Tournaments are avoiding payments looking to escape from future risk of public accusations when dealing with money. Despite solving the problem, it makes the league dependent on other investments to attract the attention of the audience and sponsors, turning it harder for non-professional leagues.

The solution to this problem is not necessarily a new technology, but it does benefit from sports enthusiasts who want to leverage competitive gaming to the mainstream.

Crowdfunding is able to take advantage of community engagement as the main feature to be the key to a structured growth of eSports.

This is a fundamental resource to attract the public and audience that it is an effective part of the events in a reliable way.

The concept does not only help to increase prize pools, but it can also be an excellent marketing strategy to boost eSports businesses.

SKILLCORE maximizes and guarantees prize pools for esports tournaments handling the gamer community engagement as the main engine.

A crowdfunding platform for eSports organizations to create tournaments receiving entries fee, sponsorships, and donations so they can reach a high-level prize pool and send prize payments with a single click.

Any league, tournament organization, or even game developer, can be part of SkillCore. The platform is especially beneficial for esports communities, professionals or amateurs.

Specifying prize pool goals for tournaments, players follow the progress of the fundraising knowing that they will only play when reaching this goal, otherwise their money will be refunded.

In addition to entries, tournaments benefit from receiving donations and attracting investment through sponsorships.

From now on, the competitive gamer community has a service to help its professionalization, whether they are players, supporters, organizations, fans or even brands that require confidence when joining a young and growing market.